vegan advocacy-16


It takes a lot of skill to effectively advocate for veganism in your outreach. In fact, it’s a never-ending learning curve. In this post we’re sharing tips & resources to help you grow as an effective animal advocate.


Woman Of Vegan – interview

We’ve talked to Woman Of Vegan – a Berlin-based vegan ethical clothing brand – and discussed values, feminism, fashion and veganism. Check out the whole interview to learn more!


Best vegan podcast

We’re sharing some of our favorite, vegan-related podcasts that make us (re)think concepts, (re)evaluate our activism and inspire to do better! Have a look 🙂


Words we shouldn’t use while talking about food

Food-oriented websites and magazines, blogs, articles, cooking shows, restaurant reviews – they’re everywhere. And so is verbalized otherization, orientalization, cultural appropriation, sexism, classism, racism and more…Here are some words we should rethink if we wish to create a more inclusive and mindful of others food discourse.

Vegan Self-Care (resources)

It seems like there’s an abundance of resources and discussion about self-care in general (just look at your IG or FB feed), but not enough in the vegan context and within vegan community. And that’s why I wrote this article. To share resources that EXPAND your self-care practice.

how to save food


Nobody ever plans to waste food and yet – it happens to everyone. Here are some tips & ideas to motivate you to try your best and fight food waste on an individual level.

Best vegan feminist reads

If you recognize that patriarchy oppresses and objectifies womxn in ways similar to non-human animal oppression and therefore think animal liberation should go hand in hand with women’s liberation – this post is for you.