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Great gift ideas for vegans

Yeah, we know that some of you might already be slightly annoyed by way-too-early christmas decorations around the city or christmas songs played in the shops…if so – JOIN THE CLUB 🙂 But at least (unlike many) we have waited for December to even start thinking about xmas plans and gifts.

And although we are not celebrating xmas as a religious tradition, we absolutely love gifting to others. Not as a way of spending money and getting involved in the xmas shopping craze but as thoughtful deeds or beautiful presents that show our loved ones that we know them well and cater to their needs and wishes. We love gifts that provide experiences, awareness or growth and bring joy at the same time. It’s also important for us that the gifts we give are just and do good – or at least no harm. That’s why we always choose the makers, producers or companies that are fair, sustainable and vegan.

In short, we have compiled a list of great gift ideas for vegans. These are awesome not only for xmas but for any occasion…or no occasion at all! Take a look and get inspired.

1. Books

Before you think “booorrinng” or “not again!”…let’s remember that books, when wisely chosen, are simply great gifts. They live forever, can be passed on or sold when done with, and most importantly they’re so diverse you are bound to find something super tailored to your gift recipient’s needs. Cookbooks for vegan beginners or unconfident cooks, vegan self-care essays for activists, animal rights pieces for those who like to strengthen their theoretical base, effective communication strategies for animal advocates or intersectional pieces for social justice activists. There is always a book a vegan might find insightful, once you know what they are into. And since we loooove books we are always happy to chat about them and help you find the one you are looking for – and not only from the selection we offer in our cafe! So take a look at what we have and if there isn’t anything that you wanna give to your special someone but still need help – get in touch – we’ll advise!

2. Food projects AKA starters

If your vegan special someone is into culinary experiments and cooking – this might make them happy! Gift them with an exceptionally inspiring task of growing or making their own food. Order a cheese starter for them to create camemberts and other vegan cheeses, cultures, a bacterial starter to brew kombucha, a sprouting set or a window sill garden starter to grow their own herbs! It’s very satisfying, brings a lot of fun…and maybe you’ll even get to eat the results too!

Need advice on where to look?

Gruneo – window sill gardens

ManuTeeFaktur – kombucha scoby starters

Cashewbert – vegan cheese starters

3. Foodie gift cards

AKA how to make vegans happy and help local business. Getting a gift card to their fav vegan spot will certainly be a treat! Not only is that treat on you but you also help making sure this place will still be there after we’re done dealing with the pandemic. Reach out directly to the restaurants & cafes of their liking to ask for vouchers or get them by browsing through HELFEN BERLIN – a map of local gastro spots in need of support during lockdown. Not sure which places they like? Check out Vegan Durch Deutschland – discount booklets with 100+ places in Berlin (or other cities) with special offers for vegans. One booklet, many discounts, even more gastro trips you guys can have together! 

PS. Vegan Durch Berlin guide&discount booklet is also available at our cafe.

4. Doing good in their name – adoptions and sponsorships

Donations, sponsorships and adoptions are the most incredible gifts you can possibly think of. And even though animals are never to be gifts – Patenschaften are the exceptions! By regularly donating money to organizations that care for animals you help provide financial stability that allows those facilities to function properly. And you can do that in somebody’s name! Make your gift recipient a sponsor of a dog from Tierheim Berlin or adopt a cow from the local farm sanctuary called Lasst die Tiere leben (like we adopted Julia the cow <3). You can also make donations in someone else’s name to charities like Open Cages – one of the most effective organizations working on improving the lives of farm animals. You will pretty much always get a certificate you can wrap beautifully and leave under the xmas tree. We promise you they’ll be touched – by your understanding what’s important for them, for you and them being part of the change they wish to see in the world and by that one animal that is properly taken care of because you care.

5. A trip to animal sanctuary

Spending time with animals is definitely one of the things most vegans like the most. It brings joy and heals compassion fatigue or activist burnout. It reminds us why we do what we do and why the outreach work needs to continue. Planning a trip to a sanctuary is definitely on any vegan to-do list. Visiting animals you help sponsor, helping out in farm cleaning or simply watching animals be free and happy – there is no better thing… Check out our beloved Lasst die Tiere leben for visiting days, or explore volunteering options at Berlin’s animal shelters.

6. Cooking course

Even for the best cooks, food workshops are great occasions to meet other vegans, socialize, have fun and learn new tricks. Give your beloved one a class, a whole cooking course or better yet – plan to attend them together and we promise you – they’ll be delighted. Apart from us and our workshops, there are sometimes other vegan classes held in Berlin – take a look at Eventbrite or the Makery to search for something exciting. Unsure about events during Covid lockdowns? Luckily there’s lots of online events too. Check out Veecoco – an online vegan cooking academy offering many different courses – also ours <3 Use the XMAS10 code to get a xmas discount

7. Merch from charities, organizations and local vegan shops

Awesome goodies from an NGO, charity or a local vegan shop? Yes, please! Such merchandise is proudly worn by vegans as it looks great, most of the time sends a great vegan message and promotes the organization they support or like. Need examples? T-shirts from Veganuary, Open Cages  or Berlin’s best vegan tapas Bar Alaska. Calendars from PlantAge (local veganic farm), recipe booklets from the most amazing Food Empowerment Project, a tote bag from us – Plant Base, a reusable cup from our favorite donut place Brammibal’s Donuts. There’s a lot of options.


8. Fair fashion with a vegan message

If you narrowed your gift ideas to fashion and are not content with what the organizations above have to offer… there’s still a lot to choose from. There are multiple brands that produce fair fashion with a vegan message, lots of them spending some percentage of the profit to donate to good causes. Check out our local female-run brand Woman of Vegan or other great companies like: Heart CureIn the Soulshine, Fair Devil or Vegan Outfitters.

9. Awesome foodie box

Which basically is a box of dope vegan snacks, foods or beverages. People will always eat and drink, so that gift will surely come in handy, which makes it a perfect present for those vegans you might not know very well. Bear in mind – we are not talking about dry beans, grains, lettuce and all that – but lots of treats and special occasion stuff. Vegan cheese, great vegan-friendly wine, some good and fair chocolate, a kilo of Nooch, gummy bears, vegan meat (from Vetzgerei maybe?) and other things we might not always get ourselves due to the price. Where to go get all that? Try Veganz for everything vegan or check out Sirplus for a good selection of vegan rescue products.

10. Sign up for Veganuary!

If you are not a vegan yourself, this is the absolute best gift you can possibly give to someone. If you’re close with the gift recipient, this will really mean a lot for them. Sign up for Veganuary (a 30-day vegan pledge), be as vegan as possible, learn more about veganism and the reasons for which we’re so persistent in talking about it. Watch documentaries, read articles and cook for or with your beloved vegan. You spend no money, but put love, time, energy and effort into creating real change, that will ultimately be a gift for yourself, animals and the planet too.

Not satisfied with this gift inspiration? Let us know what should have landed here…but we’re pretty sure every vegan would be happy to receive at least 3 of the suggested gifts. The bottom line is to always remember that making meaningful presents is about stepping into someone’s shoes and considering their wishes, needs and desires. So, you might trust a fellow vegan here <3 Save this post in the bookmarks and come back to it whenever you’re lacking gift ideas for ethical herbivores! 

About the author

Marika – vegan chef, animal advocate & educator. Professionally: creator of Plant Base & all its food creations, workshops & events, media & design. Privately: book worm, intersectional feminist, dog fanatic, Aquarius. Big on vegan food, even bigger on food for thought. Here to grow, open dialogues & share resources with those who also believe that veganism is only the beginning.


  1. Annika

    This is such a great article and source of inspiration for gifts. What I like most about it is that you put so much thought in the intention of gifiting and what effect you want to achieve with it on part of the gifted person 🙂

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