We host workshops and events focused on real-life veganism in theory and practice – from cooking classes to a vegan book club. 

"I've been to three workshops and all of them were very informative and fun. Marika is enthusiastic about teaching others about vegan cooking and gives great advices how to make tasty vegan food. Food that we made in workshops was always superb. I'd recommend workshops to anyone"
- Barbara Rogar
"Well constructed hand-on course that enables you to take your new found knowledge back hone and use on a regular basis"
- Tree Dietrich
"great workshops, good explanations and advice how to use the learned. highly recommend it"
- Theresa Zanker


Plant Base

Wednesday – Sunday

9.oo – 18.oo

(food menu:  9.oo – 15.oo)


Prenzlauer Allee 208

10405 Berlin


Best vegan feminist reads

If you recognize that patriarchy oppresses and objectifies womxn in ways similar to non-human animal oppression and therefore think animal liberation should go hand in hand with women’s liberation – this post is for you.