Each month we fill up our calendar with plenty of food for thought and “thought for food” – from cooking classes and nutrition talks to screenings, discussion panels and a vegan book club. We strive to create as many opportunities for our community to learn and socialize as we can. We would love for Plant Base to be an epicenter of all things vegan.  Sign up for our newsletter to get updates about upcoming events & offers right into your inbox!


PERFECT VEGAN BRUNCH (online course)

Learn how to prepare incredibly delicious breakfast and brunch recipes for the whole family, group of friends…or just yourself! Discover the ingredients and preparation techniques that turn every breakfast into a small sensation – including egg salad, tofu scramble, carrot “salmon”, feta, savory porridges, spreads, omeletty pancakes & more.

This is our only online course, produced with Veecoco Academy – an online cooking platform. 20+ videos at your convenience, notes and recipes, extra materials & a completion certificate included! 

The course is hosted by Veecoco – if you have any technical questions, please contact them.


Learn how to make gut-health boosting, home-made, vegan kimchi – a fermented Korean dish made of cabbage – from scratch, with no bacteria culture needed, so that you can easily replicate it any time you want. You will first taste our kimchi at different ageing stages and then make your own to take home. 



Taste our favorite dips and learn how to make really delicious plant-based breads spreads on the spot – no matter when, no matter what from. You’ll be inspired, full and stocked with self-made spreads for the following week.

We’ll first cover the theory, discussing topics like ingredients, their preparation, techniques, texture, flavor pairing, nutritional values etc. Then we’ll proceed to making your own bread spreads to take home! Tips, advice and of course – ingredients, spices, condiments provided!


The most popular dish in Polish cuisine – PIEROGI – veganized and experienced step by step. You’ll learn to prepare the filling, the dough, folding techniques and more! We’ll enjoy the dumplings freshly cooked just around dinner time.  


(currently unavailable)

Learn how to prepare tofu in 5 different ways – for breakfast, lunch and dinner.  We’ll make a bread spread, we’ll scramble, we’ll glaze, we’ll marinate or turn in into feta!

You will go home inspired, full and equipped with all the how-to notes.


Dedicated to plant-based „beginners” and those who would like to adopt this diet but don’t know how to start, this class focuses on the nutritional aspects of the vegan lifestyle. You’ll learn about the sources of all the nutrients, how to compose your meals and make sure your body is given everything it needs to thrive.

You’ll also get a lot of tips, recommendations … and a Berlin vegan guide!


Learn the theory of why certain alcohols aren’t vegan and discover which ones surely are so that you can always make an informed decision. BUT MOST IMPORTANTLY – learn to preapre 4 different cocktails to bring your home parties to another level. We’ll shake, we’ll mix, we’ll stir…we’ll have fun and drink <3


In this workshop you’ll learn how to create yummy, ready-in-no-time, kimchi-based dishes that are quick to make and delicious to eat: probiotic shots, a soup, an omelette and fried rice.  You’ll cook, you’ll eat (right around dinner time!) and you’ll get a handout with our easy-to-follow recipes and notes.

(currently unavailable)

Nuggets, wings and dipping sauces for any house party, game night, movie nights…or regular days;) This workshop is a real treat for everyone that enjoys a little fast food every now and then (well…a healthier fast food version). You will learn to make the whole dish from scratch and enjoy it freshly made! Let’s cook, chat and have a beer together. 


Hungry for some food for thought? Join our Vegan Book Club that meets every month to discuss different written pieces that shed light on issues that matter to the vegan community – animal rights, agriculture, health, environment, social/political matters. Everyone is welcomed as long as they have read the required piece and can participate in the discussion in a respectful and polite way.

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Would love to go on a date knowing you already have something important in common? Or simply want to meet like-minded folx? Then this event is for you.

We’ll have a max. of 20 people – everyone will talk to everyone (in a speed dating form) to explore all opportunities for connection – either for romance, friendship or simple networking! We’ll mingle, we’ll chat, we’ll laugh and we’ll socialize – all that while drinking delicious vegan wine (also alcohol-free).


Vegan Matters is a series of community meetings that aims to tackle the complexity of vegan living, one area at a time. For each meeting, we’ll invite someone that specializes in the chosen field to pick their brains and ask all the big and smaller questions you might have. We hope the meetings will enrich everyone with a deeper understanding of the discussed areas, make us all more conscious and inspire to find ways in which what you do professionally (or as a hobby) could also promote veganism.

SCREENINGS and more…

Every now and then we’ll organize a screening of a vegan-related movie…or have an external event that you might be interested in! Meet-ups, social nights and more! Follow our Facebook page to be notified about new events <3 

"I've been to three workshops and all of them were very informative and fun. Marika is enthusiastic about teaching others about vegan cooking and gives great advices how to make tasty vegan food. Food that we made in workshops was always superb. I'd recommend workshops to anyone"
- Barbara Rogar
"Well constructed hand-on course that enables you to take your new found knowledge back hone and use on a regular basis"
- Tree Dietrich
"great workshops, good explanations and advice how to use the learned. highly recommend it"
- Theresa Zanker